Who We Are

JAT Capital Management LP, founded by John Thaler in 2020, is an independent, SEC registered alternative investment management firm based in Greenwich, CT. The firm manages diversified portfolios comprised of individual positions on both the long and short side. The team employs a fundamental, bottoms up, thesis-oriented approach to investing, combined with active risk management.

Our Focus

JAT focuses on long and short investments in the Telecom, Media, Technology, Consumer, Travel, Leisure and Gaming sectors, on a global basis. With decades of experience in these sectors, JAT seeks to generate high absolute returns over a long-term time horizon while maintaining relatively low net exposure with the goal of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to our partners.

The team looks to utilize fundamental analysis to generate returns on both the long and short side and active trading to both mitigate risk and capitalize on short-term dislocations.


Allow stock selection, not market or factor exposure, to drive fund performance

Our "know what we own", thesis driven investment process, allows us to respond to evolving markets quickly

Sector-focused investment team with a deep understanding of industry-specific investment dynamics

Active risk management at the portfolio, security and factor levels

Seek absolute returns on both the long and short side of the portfolio