Research-Driven Technology Investors Creating
Value Through Innovative Fundamental
Research and a Commitment to Capital Protection

Who We Are

Founded in 2020 by John Thaler, JAT Capital Management is an SEC registered global investment firm based in Greenwich CT. The firm seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns through the construction and management of a diversified portfolio of individual positions on both the long and the short side of the book. The firm employs a fundamental, bottoms up, thesis-oriented approach combined with careful risk management to take advantage of market volatility and dislocations.

Our Focus

JAT is an independent, [partner-owned] premier global equities investment management firm focused on maximizing risk-adjusted returns through the construction and management of a bespoke portfolio of concentrated positions.

We seek to capture upside in good markets and control downside in challenged markets through relatively low net exposure, delivering attractive risk-averse returns to our investors. Our core competencies include deep expertise in Technology, Consumer, Travel, Leisure and Gaming markets.


Private Equity Approach to
Public Market Investing

“Value Chain Investing”
Approach to Research

Strong Focus on
Risk Management

High Level of
Alpha Creation